World Environment Day – 5 june

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

Whenever Environment Day comes, People only talk about saving water, trees, natural resources and animals, But People need to understand that only talking about these things is worthless. You have to take action to plant trees, not only save water, we also don’t have to waste water.

world environment day - planting

There are some main factors which is harming our environment

1. Population

2. Cutting Trees

3. Wasting Water

4. Use of Plastics

5. Motor Vehicles

6. Burning Waste

7. Excess Eating of Non-veg

8. Apart from these things, not having the right information about saving the environment is also a big challenge.

world environment day - burning waste

Problems which can be faced in future due to harming environment

1. Melting Glacier 

2. Global Warming

3. End of various species 

4. New Human Disease (Physical as well as Mental)

5. Natural Disaster

6. Hunger

7. Weather Imbalance

world environment day - save water

How can we contribute in order to saving our environment

1. Awareness

world environment day - awareness

Earth and the Environment is our so, We don’t even hesitate by promoting which is in favor of the Environment. Taking action is very important, because action is more effective than words only.

2. Population Control

world environment day - population control

 People need to understand and should calculate their expenses before planning for a child. According to the research and suggestions One or maximum Two babies are enough for a couple. Main thing is good education. If parents will focus on their growth, It will be best for the rest of their life.

3. Planting Trees

world environment day planting trees

On every pleasure moment we can plant trees. It can be Birthday, Purchasing a new Car, Purchasing a new Bike, Purchasing a new House, Anniversary Day and many more. After planting trees, it is more important to take care of these trees.

4. Recycle the waste

world environment day recycle the waste

In our busy life, It is not possible to recycle the waste ourselves. Instead of this we should collect the waste and give it to our NagarPalika Department. If you are in a village then you can make it’s natural compost for growing vegetables. You can also sell metal and paper’s waste.

5. Use bicycles and public transport

world environment day use cycle

It’s a very foolish suggestion to use bicycles for traveling, But people who use their motor vehicles for walking distance only, This is a nonsense  thing for our environment.

6. Stop Eating Non-veg

world environment day - chickens/hens

The animals and birds killed by humans just for taste, It is very harmful for the environment. These animals and birds also contribute to balance the nature’s life cycle. If we continuously kill and eat these species, They can become extinct and we can also have the same disease that they have.

A Short Story on Environment Day

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled amidst lush green hills, a young girl named Maya eagerly awaited the arrival of World Environment Day. It was a special day for her, as she had always felt a deep connection with nature and wanted to make a positive impact on the world around her.

Maya woke up early that morning, her heart filled with excitement. She put on her favorite green dress, symbolizing her love for the environment, and headed outside. The sun greeted her with its warm rays as she took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh scent of blooming flowers.

Determined to make a difference, Maya decided to organize a tree-planting event in her village. She had rallied her friends and neighbors, who shared her passion for the environment. Together, they gathered near a barren plot of land, ready to transform it into a green paradise.

As the shovels dug into the soil, Maya’s enthusiasm spread like wildfire. The sound of laughter and camaraderie filled the air as the community joined hands to plant saplings of various native trees. Maya envisioned the once desolate land turning into a thriving ecosystem, providing shade, clean air, and a habitat for countless creatures.

short story on environment day

Word of their noble endeavor spread, attracting attention from the nearby town. People came in droves to witness the transformation taking place. Inspired by Maya’s initiative, they too wanted to contribute. Soon, a harmonious chorus of hands planting saplings resonated throughout the village, each tree symbolizing a commitment to the environment.

Months passed, and the saplings grew into strong, majestic trees. The village underwent a remarkable change, with greenery adorning every corner. Birds chirped joyfully, butterflies danced in the air, and the villagers reveled in the beauty they had collectively created.

On the following World Environment Day, Maya stood before a large gathering, proudly sharing the story of their village’s transformation. She emphasized the importance of preserving nature and encouraged everyone to take small steps in their daily lives to protect the environment.

Moved by Maya’s words, the crowd pledged to adopt eco-friendly practices, reduce waste, and conserve resources. They understood that protecting the environment was not just Maya’s responsibility; it was a shared duty that required their collective effort.

Maya’s story became a beacon of hope, inspiring neighboring villages and even reaching far-off cities. News of their remarkable achievement spread, encouraging others to follow suit and nurture the environment.

Years later, when Maya looked upon the village she had helped transform, she marveled at the power of unity and determination. The once-barren land now thrived with life, a testament to the impact a small group of individuals can make when they come together for a common cause.

World Environment Day had not only changed the landscape of their village but also kindled a deep sense of responsibility within each person’s heart. Maya knew that their collective efforts would ensure a greener, healthier world for future generations.

And so, Maya’s village stood as a shining example of how a single day dedicated to the environment could ignite a flame that would burn brightly, forever reminding people of the importance of cherishing and preserving the natural world.

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