Earn money online without investment for students

I am 100% sure, if you apply any one of them your earning will multiply day by day and after a while you get a huge return. “Earn money online without investment for students” – it is the most searchable topic on the internet, So let’s explore.

1. Find Freelance Work

earn money online without investment for students - freelancer

There are some popular websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer, Where you just have to create a profile according to your skill or service in which you are good. 

Stay active and focus on your profile to make it better than previous and updated.

It can take some time to get your first client, But when you understand that how this platform works you can make a lot of money, Also people are making much better than any government job in India. 

It depends on your skills and values you are providing.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

earn money online without investment for students - youtube

Starting a YouTube is very easy, If you don’t know how to create YouTube channel you can search on YouTube and you will get lacks of results on this topic.

The main thing on YouTube is your content, Make sure to select the category in which you love to work, because making audience is very easy on YouTube but working with consistency is very important. Once you complete the monetization criteria of YouTube (1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours in last 365 days or 1000 Subscribers and 10 Million views on shorts)  you can start making money by joining YPP (YouTube Partner Program), Once you linked your channel with your google adsence you can make money with ads which shows on your videos by YouTube.

YouTube sponsorship is also best way of earning and the amount of sponsorship depends upon many factors.

3. Start a Dropshipping Business

earn money online without investment for students - dropshipping

Dropshipping is basically order fulfillment method, In this type of business dropshipper does not have any physical store which he/she shelling – they act like middleman.

Dropshipper uses their network/research to sell out the products which don’t even need to store. When a customer wants to buy products,  they contact to the dropshipper and dropshipper just refer that product and the company who actually selling the products, they pay some amount to the dropshipper as commission and company deliver that product to the customer.

Shopify and many more companies provide their platform where you can create you own account and start earning by day one.

4. Create a Blog

earn money online without investment for students - blog image

If you have a good knowledge about any topic than blogging is for you. You just need a website where you can write the articles on the particular topic and can make a lot of money. People are already making millions of dollar in a single month. 

If you get addicted of blogging you can also make a lot of money which you can not imagine from other online platforms. 

5. Write and Publish an eBook

earn money online without investment for students - ebook

People don’t know the potential market of eBook, But if you research and review the things than you will definitely work with eBook and can make a lot of money by just writing and publishing the eBooks. 

Online Trading and Investing

earn money online without investment for students - share market

Engaging in online trading and investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, or other financial instruments can be profitable. However, it requires knowledge, research, and risk management to make informed investment decisions. Make sure that you are above 18 years while using these things, because it requires your document like aadhar, pan, bank account etc. Here you need to invest first to make money.

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